Friday, August 2, 2013

On Being Treated Like a Greek God

As long as we've been together The Old Lady has been treating me like a Greek God. She gives me burnt offerings. Yesterday she had a legitimate excuse, the oven fucked up. She was baking a pie and checked on it halfway thru the time for baking and it was already starting to burn. She turned the oven down and I checked a few minutes later. Even with the oven set at 300* the temp was over 500*. Looks like the control valve for the oven isn't working properly. The gas stove is 40 years old and we've had to replace the control valve once before (that time it had the opposite problem, the burner would come on until it reached the set temp and then wouldn't come on again even when the oven cooled), but that was when the stove was still under warranty. Now the question is whether we get the old stove repaired or break down and buy a new stove. One of the things we've liked about this stove is when the power goes out, it still works. Gas stoves with a clock or other electrical stuff won't work when the power goes out. You may be able to light the burners with a match, but that is about it, the oven won't work. The Old Lady is starting to look at stoves online. She found one that uses batteries to ignite the burners, so that may work when the power goes out. (Actually we are pretty fortunate with the power situation, it's not very often that we are without power and when it does go out it is restored in a matter of hours.)


  1. Gas stoves rock...

    She found one that uses batteries to ignite the burners, so that may work when the power goes out.

    Even if the batteries go out you can still light the burners with a match. I'm wondering if the batteries are required for the pilot light in the oven.

  2. Your dark and freezing in the tundra of Yooperland?




  3. Sarge, occasionally may be in the dark, but never freezing as we have a good wood-burning stove that keeps us toasty warm.

    BBC, even those stoves that need power to ignite the burners will work without power when you light them with a match. On those stoves the oven won't work. Have to look into whether the battery powered igniters will also light the oven.

    We have been having problems baking for about a year now. Breads and brownies would burn on the bottom while not quite completely done in the middle. Now we know why.

  4. Are the battery powered igniters 12 volt?

  5. Don't know, I didn't look at the info on the stove.


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