Saturday, August 3, 2013

One Of The Usual Suspects

This morning The Old Lady looked out and saw one of the rats that has been eating her flowers and grapevines, etc. He is a nice looking "rat with antlers". An eight point buck.

Took this picture thru the storm door on the back door. Didn't want to scare him away as he was only about 15 feet away and I wanted to get a clear picture. I usually don't see bucks around, just the does, but this guy hasn't been bothered here and I guess he feels pretty safe in coming around in daylight.
Here he is browsing on an apple tree. Or as The Old Lady would say, "Giraffe eating the acacia tree". All the apple trees have all the lower branches stripped of leaves.

This I think is a picture of the same guy taken two years ago. That time he was with his sister and mother.


  1. K,
    Kind of skinny. I remember something about some deer out by Seney starving due to over-population. Is that still and issue? Here in Indiana we have hunts in state parts to thin out the deer herd.


  2. We've had mild winters for many years in a row, so I think the deer population is up. Some are claiming the opposite because of the wolves, but those are the ones that want to hunt the wolves and get rid of them. Last winter was more normal.

  3. Nice velvet rack. We get a buck in our yards at time, I think of them as city deer.

  4. In Alaska they shoot the wolves to save the moose so they can kill the moose.

    George Carlin said that we pick out the animals we like and we get to kill the rest.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Great photos. Obviously he trusts you.

  6. He hasn't been hassled here. Also, the photos were taken from inside the house. When I went outside after he moved away a little and was trying to get a better picture, before I could get close enough to get a clear shot, he bolted and took off.


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