Saturday, March 21, 2015

$10 Dollar Fish

Went fishing yesterday, and caught dinner. Caught a trout about 10" long. Fried it up for dinner, broke in the new cast iron skillet. (We found a new 10" cast iron skillet at REI that was cheaper than some old ones we saw at flea markets!!) Maybe the fish was longer than 10" because it was longer than the frying pan was wide.

It was $7 for a one day non-resident license and $3 dollars for the day tag to fish in the park. Had thought about getting a yearly non-resident license, but it's been cold enough that I haven't felt like fishing.


  1. It was at least 12 inches even if it didn't seem like it because with the tip of its nose touching one side of the frying pan, the tail curled up the height of the other side -- so that makes it a foot long. What is a little funny being here at Montauk is that what we would have considered a nice sized rainbow if it had been wild-caught in Michigan seems a tad puny here at Montauk.

  2. If you can't catch trout, you are too far south.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Women are no judge of length because we are always lying to them about what constitutes 8".


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