Monday, February 22, 2016

Something I'm Sick And Tired Of Hearing Lately

 This country has gotten really FUCKED UP in recent years. It used to be MAJORITY RULES, now it is the loudest minority, even if it's a minority of a minority. I'm talking about the Tea-Baggers and the "Evangelical Voters".

Lately all I've been hearing because of the caucuses and primaries is how Iowa and South Carolina are full of "Evangelical Voters"!! They are a minority of a minority, so why should we give a shit about them.

This graph shows the religious make-up of GOP
 The graph shows the "Evangelicals" are only 34% of the FuckingRepublican'ts. Like I said a minority of a minority!!

This shows the FuckingRepublican'ts are a minority.
Actually I'm surprised there are that many that are willing to call themselves FuckingRepublican'ts. No, not really, there are a lot of people that will believe what they hear and never look to see what the fuck the politicians are actually doing!!

So if the "Evangelical Voters" make up a third of a quarter of the voters, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD WE CARE WHAT THE FUCK THEY VOTE FOR OR AGAINST?????????? And why the fuck do they have so much power in today's politics???

For years now I've been saying we should get Big Money out of politics. Now I think we need to get religion out of politics. Nixon started it with his Southern Strategy even tho he was a Quaker (who generally stay out of politics as a group). Then St. Ronnie sucked up to the Bible-Bangers even tho he wasn't really religious, he was just using them.  Now it's the party that is getting used. Old Proverb; "Be careful what you wish for!!"

Now I'm hearing that Trump will tear the party apart, promises, promises!! There are even "Evangelical Voters" voting for him. The party is in disarray these days and I would gladly sit back and watch them self-destruct, just wish they would be quicker about it!! My fondest wish is to live long enough to see the FuckingRepublicant's become the Whigs of the 21st century. Then they would have gone full circle!!


  1. Unless they pull it off. If Trump can keep people entertained through November, we'll have Trump as President, Paul Ryan as Speaker, and potentially three Supreme Court nominees for Trump in the next four years.

    Regardless of the long-term health of the party, that gives them room to do a lot of damage!

    Like the 2000 Presidential race, a minority of voters will have pulled off quite the coup.

  2. The two-party system is terribly flawed. Multiple-party systems wtih coalition govt's are the way to go.

  3. I think both parties have problems, and too much money.


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