Thursday, May 26, 2016

Michigan Legislature Responsible For Poisoning Flint

We hear a lot about how Gov Snyder is responsible for poisoning Flint, but I think the Legislature should share the blame. The Legislature is responsible for there being an "Emergency Manager" is place in the first place. In Nov 2012 there was a ballot measure about the emergency manager law and it was defeated by the voters. Before the end of the year the weasels in Lansing had passed a new bill authorizing emergency managers and Gov Snidely signed it. Hadn't been for that Flint would not have had an "Emergency Manager" to make the decision to switch to Flint river water!!

Squatlo claims Tennessee has the worst legislature in the country, but I countered with Tennessee's hadn't poisoned a city. He came back with Oak Ridge being a worse health disaster than Flint. But Oak Ridge is federal, the state had very little to do with it.

To get back to my point, the legislature and the governor went directly against the will of the people of the state to counteract what the people had voted on and that is why there was an "Emergency Manager" in place to rule on switching the water in Flint!! And I have yet to hear one word from anyone in the media mentioning the legislature being in any way responsible for the Flint water crisis!!

To top it off, after the Flint water crisis was in the national news, the FuckingRepublicans in the state senate refused to give any money to solve the problem in Flint!! I guess they figured the same as this graphic of Gov Snidley!!



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