Thursday, May 12, 2016

WTF CVS?????

Last February I got two new prescriptions filled at a local Target store. Target's pharmacy has been bought out by CVS. The people at the Target pharmacy were wearing name tags that said CVS. Anywho, the two generic drugs cost me $16. Based on the generic price of $10 for a 90 day supply and $4 for 30 days. One of my prescriptions is only 45 pills as I cut them in half and that gives me a 90 day supply. The one with 45 pills costs me $6. So the total is $16.

While we were down in Missouri my supply was running out and because they had built a new CVS drugstore in Farmington, Missouri last year, I went there to get refills. First it took them a long time to transfer the prescriptions, I dropped the old bottles off one day, went back the next and they claimed they got no answer when they called the previous evening. They said they would try again. I asked them to verify that they had my cellphone number so they could call me when the scripts were ready. Several hours later The Old Lady got tired of waiting and called. She was told the scripts were ready, they had just forgot to call.

We went back to CVS to pick up my drugs. When they told us what the price was, both of us dropped a shock. They wanted almost $75 for the two that cost me $16 originally. I said they should only be $16 as they are generic. I was told, "But these are a 90 day supply." To which I said, "Yeah, one should be $10 and the other $6." I asked for my old pill bottles back. (A 90 day supply for drugs cost $24 thru the VA, so the two of them would have been $48, still way cheaper than CVS!!)

I stretched out my pills by skipping some by only taking one a day instead of twice a day and every other day on the other drug. As soon as we got home we went to the same Target the next day. I asked what the prices were on the two drugs and was told $16. (The Target and CVS computer systems for drugs have not been combined yet, so that may explain the difference in price!!) I said they would have to transfer them back from CVS. The guy said it would be a little while (actually he said 20 minutes). We did some shopping in the area and had lunch and when we went back the prescriptions were ready.

If this is what the price is going to be when the CVS takeover of Target pharmacies is complete I guess I'll need to find somewhere else to get my drugs!! (The Old Lady used to get prescriptions filled at CVS when we lived in Hot-Lanta as it was just a couple blocks down the street. Each time she got the same script it was a different price, but because she was only paying a small co-pay it wasn't a big issue.)

As for the CVS in Farmington taking so long, maybe it's just typical Southern way of where they are nice and friendly, but not very swift. Like my nephew once said after living in Georgia for many years, "You'll never get hot french fries down here!!"


  1. You have to pay the VA for some of your drugs? They give me everything they send me for free, including a pretty expensive inhaler.

  2. Our combined income is too high for free drugs. Also if I was 50% disabled they would be free, but I'm only 20%. Will work on raising that soon. I have an appointment next week to get my hearing aids adjusted and will talk to the DAV rep about getting a higher rating for the hearing. If I can get it up to 30% I will get mileage for every time I go to the VA hospital which is 90 miles away for anything. Now I only get mileage for disability related appointments. Not that that happens very often, but it is nice to get paid to go there, gas money and whatnot.

  3. If you can blame your hearing loss on the time when you was in the service they will pay you something like 135 bucks a month, so I've been told.

  4. And Republicans want to privatize the VA - how can any vet vote for them?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. BBC, I'm getting 10% for tinnitus but they didn't give me anything for the hearing loss because I could hear the computer generated voice. I am going to have the hearing aids adjusted because there are some voices that I can't hear. Watching TV or movies I have trouble hearing some of the dialogue. Also at times someone will ask me something and I can't quite make out what it is. The Old Lady says she is tired of being my translator!! The other 10% I get is for my leg that I broke while in the Air Force.

    I'm going to work on increasing the rating for both the hearing and the leg, but I have to wait until I hear about the appeal (about the amount of back pay) on the leg before I can apply for an increase on the leg.

    Ol'Buzzard, I didn't vote for Tricky Dicky even tho he cut the budget and they kicked me out of the Air Force 4 months early!!!!!!! I haven't voted for a FuckingRepublican (I call them that because they have been FUCKING me all my life) for President since I started voting in 1968. And I could probably count the number of times I voted for one for lower office on the fingers of one hand and never in the past 30+ years!! Probably sometime in the '70s.


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