Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sometimes I Wonder

Lately I've been wondering why I even bother having email?? Other than a couple humorous sites and a couple sites for buying shit, about all I get in my inbox is political shit. I've unsubscribed from a bunch and still there is a ton (seems like when you sign up for a site they have multiple senders and you would have to do the unsubscribe from every one that sends out shit for that site.

Anywho, the real reason I wonder about why I keep my email accounts is I can go for weeks without getting any personal emails and then it's usually one that slips in from a crazy relative with a forward of some outlandish far-right-wingnut BULLSHIT!! Hopefully I've blocked all of the email accounts of that relative that's gone over to the darkside!!

It seems that email has become obsolete as snail mail??


  1. I changed e-mail servers from Yahoo to GMail, to start all over.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I have hotmail, yahoo, and gmail. Of the three I use gmail the least, haven't looked at it in months, probably last year sometime. I don't like gmail, not one thing about it is logical to me.

  2. I only have one account anymore and mostly just for my daughter.

  3. I have three email addresses so in case one doesn't work. My email comes in to Outlook so I have it on my computer and not floating around some place. Most of me emails are subscriptions to various news source newsletters. I delete over half unread if the headlines don't interest me. It is still useful for writing longer letters to people which I do from time to time as FB messenger is too choppy.
    We have a mailbox on our garage wall and we get maybe three pieces of real mail every year. The rest of the time it sits empty and unused.

  4. Maybe this makes me sound pathetic, but I receive absolutely no personal emails on my home email. At work, it's different. Your post definitely makes me ponder the relevance of email and wonder if it is, indeed, as obsolete as regular "snail" mail. Although USPS still delivers my birthday cards :) So "yay" to that!


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