Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice

Picture was taken five years ago at this time of year and is what we have to look forward to next year.

As recently as a few years ago I would have no problem wishing people a Merry Xmas, then the wingnuts on Fux Noise and the Christianists started their "War on Xmas". Being a contrarian I don't take kindly to being told there is only one way to go about this holiday season.

Whatever way you celebrate the season, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!


  1. Oooooo, what a neat picture, I could so live in that place. Well, if I had a big shop behind it, ha ha ha.

    I'll be camping of course so my holiday will be just great. It took me zero seconds to do christmas shopping and put up decorations, I just don't do that crap anymore.

    Neither does Helen, one reason why I think she is such a great friend and neighbor.

  2. *Returns to snitch copy of picture, flees in the night*

    Ha ha ha ha

  3. I'm a pagan...figure it doesn't make any difference to me..except it is what it every time some one says happy holidays to me..I say 'MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO.'... evil.

  4. Ahh, the quiet woods with the sweet, crisp clean air and pure snow! This sends me flashing back to old home days.

    Peace on Earth, if not good will toward men.

    Here's to a hot pasty and cold PBR.

  5. I'm back from a wonderful christmas camping trip, will start posting pictures soon.


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