Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hearing all the stories about the snow in the Mid-West and New England today and then finding this cartoon inspired me to post it.


  1. i saw this this morning..i have to read my daily comics

  2. Well, this is our first signifigant snow storm of the season. Up till now, we have been unusually warm and dry. Your cartoon is so appropriate.

  3. I guess that is one of the comic strips I don't watch.

    I don't normally keep my beer in a fridge but outside, had to bring it in cuz it was freezing it out there.

    I complain some about the cold but we all love to complain, so it's been in the teens here for a few days, there's no snow other than a skiff of it and we are faring much better than many are.

    I have to remind myself of that at times.


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