Friday, December 18, 2009

How Big A Box Do You Need For A Camera Card??

I have an antique digital camera. We bought it summer of 2004, so it is over 5 years old. It has 3.2 mega-pixels with a 10x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom. Also it has a viewfinder like on a 35mm SLR and a LCD monitor and you can use either when taking pictures. New cameras have at least 10 mega-pixels for even the cheap ones. My camera works good for the type of photography I do and to replace it with one that has similar features would cost more than I am willing to spend just to get more mega-pixels.

Anywho, recently I decided I needed new cards for it in case the ones I got when we bought the camera were to go bad. When we bought the camera, it came with a 16mb card and we bought a 128mb card. Looking around in the stores, the smallest card I could find had a capacity of 1 gig. My camera will only take cards from 16mb to 256mb. Went online and found the website for the camera and discovered that they had the best price for the cards. So I ordered 3 cards that were 256mb. Yesterday I received them. Below are photos of the card and the packaging and the box they were shipped in.

This is one of the cards on the box it was in. The card is less than one inch square and about 1/16 of an inch thick.
This shows the card in front of my coffee cup with the boxes the cards came in sitting on the box they were shipped in.

Another view of the boxes. After ordering the cards, knowing the size of the cards, I expected them to be shipped in an envelope.


  1. My current digital camera is an HP Photosmart M525, 6.0 megapixels. I bought a 1 gb bite card to put in it when I bought it. Not that I come close to filling it, likely didn't need to buy it in the first place being as I download my pictures to the desktop often and never have more than 15 at a time on the camera.

    Still have my first digital camera. An HP C200, 1 megapixel, overall I think that old C200 took better pictures than my newer M525.

    Both of course are cheap cameras but I bought them cuz HP makes damn good cheap cameras. I dropped the C200 on cement one day and it didn't faze it a bit.

    And generally speaking, HP's are easy on batteries.

  2. Everyone thinks that everything has to be newer and cooler, I can't even give that rock solid C200 away, no one is interested in it. So I just keep it handy for a backup in case my more high tech one goes to shit.

  3. Seems that minimizing packaging could be one way to help reduce green house gasses. Does seem like 10 mega pixels is overkill... for most of we mere mortals.

    Happy New Year!


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