Monday, June 6, 2011

Back UP on the Tundra

 This is a sure sign that I'm back UP on the Tundra.  Did you know moose will eat blackberry brambles??  They pretty well wiped out a patch on the "Ranch".
 Part of my entertainment UP on the Tundra.  I refill this feeder everyday.  I only fill it from half full to 3/4s and  they drain it each day.  I have another feeder like this one on the other side of the house and it will last a week with the same amount of liquid.
In the evenings there will be twice as many Hummers at this feeder.  I tried to get a picture with more Hummers in it, but they move so fast, it's hard to get them all in the shot.


  1. eleven years in the Alaska bush and twenty years in northern Maine - seen hundreds of moose - but only chased once,and that was in downtown Anchorage.

    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. It must be nice to be back up on the tundra.

    Did you know moose will eat blackberry brambles??

    No, but I don't know a hell of a lot about moose other than what I've read and heard over the years.

    I know they shit in the woods and you don't want to piss them off.

  3. I like hummers but they wouldn't be fed here when I'm out camping so I don't feed them here, a few may die expecting something to be here that isn't.

  4. So THAT'S where they've gone! We usually have swarms of hummingbirds in the summer here in middle TN, but this year we've only had a couple visits per hour. Amazing cluster of birds, and they seem to be getting along, whereas our hummers fight for feeding spots even though we have multiple feeders.

  5. barbara has hummingbirds in the back apts, but I don't ever get any..and have put out feeders..haven't spotted any moose either.

  6. I just realized that in the 15 years I've been in Nebraska, I have never seen a hummingbird...nor a moose.

  7. Love the pictures of the humming birds.
    True moose hunting story. A friend of mine, zipped into his tent at 10:00 at night decided to practice his moose call for the next day. It worked too well. A bull moose came charging out of the bush, hooked the tent and took off with it. The guys in the tent were lucky they had a knife and cut the tent so they could escape. They were banged up pretty bad. Idiots.


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