Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Way of Looking at TV for Me

The picture below shows the setup I had for a TV antenna complete with a rotor to turn it to tune to the two TV channels I could get over the air.  With the new digital system there were actually 5 channels.  One had a CW channel and an ABC channel, the other had 3 PBS channels, the local one, a HD one and what was probably the West Coast feed as it seemed to be 3 hours behind the HD one.

TV antenna as it looked last year and last month when we got here.
The picture below shows what is left of my antenna setup after the wind blew the antenna down a few days after we arrived here.  I've been kicking myself for not taking a picture of the antenna when it was hanging from the brace and hung up in a tree.  It happened first thing in the morning before I had even had time to have a cup of coffee, so that may explain my lack of foresight!!
What's left of the mast and brace for the TV antenna after the wind blew it down and I took down the parts that came down. 
After the antenna came down we were reduced to watching DVDs.  Then we got internut DSL service here in the boondocks UP on the Tundra.  Now we have more options for TV viewing than we have ever had and that includes when we had a satellite dish.

Because we still have Comcast cable in Hot-Lanta, we can watch the shows we could watch on cable (even tho we are 1200 miles away, we can watch online) in Hot-Lanta, just a day or so later.  We have a NetFlix account and and can watch most of the TV shows or movies  they have.  We can only get one DVD from NetFlix at a time, but can watch as many as we want over the intratubes.

Over the summer I will be doing research on what all is available to watch via the intratubes.


  1. Must have been quite a strong wind.

  2. When we were kids dad would send one of us out to turn the antenna pole with a monkey wrench he left mounted on the thing... and he'd yell up through the basement window when we needed to turn left or right. Every channel change required an adjustment, so we got used to watching whatever channel came in clear during stormy weather rather than risk going out in the wind and rain to hang on to a metal wrench attached to a metal pole.
    Cable kids don't know what they're missing... Did I mention there was no such thing as "remote control" for channel changing? Dad barked, we got up and changed the channel, with a dial the size of a hubcab that click click clicked to the next working network.
    Good times...

  3. Shit, I don't have time to watch TV and if I did it would likely just make me more crazy than I am now.

  4. If I ever move to the boondocks I'll be damn if I'm taking TV and the internut with me.

    It's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around out there.


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