Saturday, June 18, 2011

Internut TV Update

Had several comments on my last post.  Here I'll answer them.  It wasn't so much of a powerful wind that blew down the antenna, but the combined effects of six months or more of high winds.  According to those that were here during the time I was gone, they had a lot of windy days, more than normal.  With the mast swaying back and forth, it was a case of metal fatigue that broke the pipe at one of the threads, that being the weakest part of the pipe.

Squatlo commented on the good old days pre-remote.  I guess I'm back to that as there is no remote for the confuser and when a program ends, I have to get up and go to the confuser to chose something else to watch.  Altho, my HDMI cable to connect the confuser to the TV is long(12ft) enough that I could have the confuser close enough to reach from my chair.  I have a wireless router so can use the confuser anywhere in the house.

This shows the setup for the TV, confuser and DVD player(under the confuser).  Also shows that there is still construction going on , it never ends!!

As for having the internut in the boondocks, I think it's great.  I remember 10-15yrs ago when all we had was dial-up and stuff would take forever to load.  (Turned watching porn into a chore!!)


  1. my parents had a
    jackiesue.get up and change the channel, ed sullivan is on..

  2. You are talking about shit I know little about, and when I'm in the boondocks have no use for, it's why I go to the boondocks.

  3. BBC, there's a difference between camping in the boondocks and living in the hinterland. If I was camping I would not expect to have TV and the intratubes, but this is where I have been living these past summers and will in all probability be living permanently from now on. This is where I was born and raised and while technology has been slow in getting here, I am glad it is finally here in BFE.

    I have only been talking about being able to watch TV shows online, but because we now have the internut here UP on the Tundra, The Old Lady was able to extend her vacation a week by tele-working.

    YDG, you were lucky, we only had one channel for many years when we first got TV.

  4. If I go to live in the boondocks I'm not taking all this stuff with me.

    I think when the folks got their first TV we got three channels as I recall.

  5. Happy Fathers Day to da dads.

  6. Back when I had dial up and a modem, getting a look at that racy picture I was trying to download was like carefully unwrapping a present so as not to tear the wrapping paper... line by line, pixel by pixel she would be revealed, until finally I'd realize that I'd spent fifteen minutes trying to get a look at a goddess only to find Roseanne Barr's identical twin had done some porn shots.

    Thank you broadband!


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