Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes on Capitalism

H/T to Skippy for the link.


  1. Thanks for this one. I REALLY miss Calvin and Hobbes. I've got a pile of anthology books and pick one up every now and then, just to remember how funny Watterson was. I've got hope that he's been scribbling away at a come-back collection we'll find one of these holiday seasons.

  2. I have a cool Calvin cartoon laminated and mounted on my wall.

    She can go home and drink some water, of course water these days have a lot of shit in it, interestingly nature provides us with tools to combat the shit in our water.

    In effect we can become immune to shit, taken in small doses until we build up a resistance, or it kills us.

    Interesting shit...

  3. On the bright side, booze is so processed that it's not likely that you are going to be drinking any live shit bacteria while drinking it. I hope we never run out of booze.

  4. Even funnier today than it was 20 odd years ago. We are getting worse instead of better.

  5. BBC, I'm guessing you don't pay any income tax on your SS income, but do you really want to pay a 9% income tax on that plus a 9% sales tax on everything you buy????

    True, I don't pay any income tax on my SS income because I'm under whatever figure it is that they figure you are poor.

    Maybe corporations and businesses should pay taxes based on the sales figures?

    Oh hell, all taxes gets passed on to us anyway, there's no way to beat the rich at a game they know how to play so well.

  6. "Yooper in Crackerland" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  7. C&H is one of my all-time favorite 'toons. The Far Side is another.
    This one is spot-on. As indicated in the last frame, only corporations that are receiving subsidies can survive for long with that kind of attitude.
    I agree with you about the 999 plan, too. Sheesh; all that does is open the Pandora's box of a national sales tax, while also increasing the income tax that the poorest people would have to pay. But BBC is right that the consumer ultimately pays all of the taxes. That is the way it is. A company that cannot both provide acceptable value for the customer and make a profit goes out of business. Unless, of course, the government buoys it up with money it stole from the rest of us.


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