Friday, October 21, 2011

Cash is no Longer Legal Tender in Louisiana

Law says you can't pay cash for used items.  How fucking stupid is that??????

H/T to Crooks and Liars for the link to the video.


  1. Hum, hey, can the hookers still take cash?

    This turkey sure is good, I've never tried making a pumpkin pie, I have a can of it but I need some pumpkin pie spice.

    *waves at the old lady*

  2. The metals buyer here still pays cash but a recent law requires that he gets ID's.

    But I know another 'unofficial' buyer that doesn't bother, there's always a way for the crooks to get around things.

  3. I will swap you gator tail and two possums fer that ole lawn mower...


  4. Oh well, lot of stupid people in that state, it's why it's in the state it is.

  5. I heard about that. More and more states are going absolutely crazy these days.
    In fact, I'm pretty sure this new law is illegal. But laws don't apply to governments, apparently.


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