Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who's Gonna Feed Them Hogs??

The Old Lady's brother-in-law has a few hogs and has discovered that when you have animals you are tied down by them.  The fact that he was only able to bring his wife here to the airport and then had to head home again brought this song to mind. This song is for you Tracy.


  1. I am gonna stop by Hooters for a beer and here is a song about "Who's gonna feed them hogs".
    Now, fur the record - there are at least three porkers in there that need to visit the fat farm - then, there are another few that looked like they walked out of Dachau yesterday.
    The rest - fine to the bone with one on the door that can raise an erection on a dead queer...

    I have brought in "training" menus from Denny's (Would you like some pie with that"?) and a box of dog biscuits.


  2. Animals do tie you down, I lived for 12 years with a horse lover, couldn't even eat the damn things, left her in Montana, but there's nothing better than a home grown hog.


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