Monday, October 17, 2011

Next Month

Next month I'll probably need to change the title of this blog as I'll no longer be in Crackerland and have no plans to return to Crackerland except maybe to visit, but that's highly unlikely.  On the first of next month we should be unloading the U-Haul(or is it Y'all-Haul down here in Crackerland??) into the storage unit UP on the Tundra.  I rented a storage unit to put all of our stuff into and the stuff will stay in the storage unit until it's been cold enough, long enough, to kill any critters that hitch a ride with our stuff.

I have been kicking around several ideas for a new blog title:  Yooper No Longer in Crackerland; Yooper Has Left Crackerland; Crackerland, This Yooper Not There; Yooper Has Said Goodbye to Crackerland......

I thought I had the "Paddle faster" thing stored on this confuser, but when I went looking for it, couldn't find it(too much guano), had to google it.  The Old Lady will be pissed that I used it before she got a chance to do it.


  1. Hey, old lady, how's it going? Hehehe

  2. You can take the man out of Crackerland, but can you take the Cracker out of the man? I'm thinking in this case...for sure.

  3. Plain ole "Yooper?"

    That's a pretty damn good suggestion.

    Yoopers, people from (or in) the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  4. To those wondering where I'm headed, I'm going home, to my place about 10 miles from the Big Gitchee Gumee. i.e. Yooperland. I've been spending my summers there the last few years, now me and The Old Lady will live there permanently.

  5. where or what the fuck is a Gitchee Gumee?


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