Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Latest Project

 One of the "social equals" (a dozen years ago I helped fix up the local hall and an article in the local weekly paper mentioned we were building 'peers' to stabilize the building) I built under the place. I built two piers to support a beam to stiffen up the floor and to support the weight on the floor.
The beam I built from two 14ft. 2x10s. Thought it would be hard to get it under the place.
Used pieces of PVC pipe as rollers to slide the beam under the place. I cut an old piece of PVC into short lengths for rollers. It was surprisingly easy to move the beam under the place. I had thought it would be hard crawling around on hands and knees pulling the beam under the place. Only had to crawl under a couple of times to put rollers ahead of the beam. Was able to push it in most of the way while standing outside.
The beam in place. I got it up on the "social equals" and jacked it up in place and blocking under it to hold it up. I lifted one end at a time onto the lower blocks and then onto a 4x4 before finally up on the top blocks. After jacking I put pieces of wood under the beam to keep it up in place. Also put some screws thru the beam into some floor joists to make sure it won't move.

The reason I decided to put the beam under the floor. It looked like the floor was starting to sag from the weight of the cast-iron stove and the stone hearth pad under it. It won't be long before we'll be firing up the stove again, so I better get busy cutting firewood. Had to buy a new chainsaw 'cause my old one died. 


  1. Under what conditions then would one be tried by a jury of one's piers?

  2. K,
    What are you going to do about termite protection for that massive buffet you just installed?
    That poses a question - with the ground freezing (in normal years)
    down to about 6ft in the UP - Is there even a termite problem?


  3. Under what conditions then would one be tried by a jury of one's piers?
    Maybe when it involves a bridge??

    Sarge, we don't have a termite problem here. Carpenter ants are the worse problem in these parts and those 2x10s are treated so they shouldn't rot or be eaten by insects. Also don't worry about the ground freezing as the crawl space is insulated and I bank snow around it when there is enough snow, which usually doesn't take too long once winter arrives.


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