Friday, August 10, 2012


The top number is the temp and the one below it is the humidites.  Of the two sets of numbers the upper set is inside and the lower set is outside.

Beginning to think these numbers are like blood pressure numbers. The top one is bad, but the bottom number is a killer. At the time I took the picture it wasn't that hot, but it still felt very sticky and uncomfortable.

Altho, now that August has arrived the weather has cooled off and is more or less comfortable. Now that I've said how nice it is, it'll get HOTTER THAN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!(and not Hell, MI)


  1. 65 percent humidity would make it feel muggy there I suppose. But we're used to it here, the humidity is always high here.

  2. we've had many many days of 100 or over..but it's August in's what we're used to..

  3. A few years ago I bought a cheap indoor/outdoor thermometer. I put the outdoor sensor under the house to keep track of the temps in my crawl space - about December the battery in the remote sensor failed and we had three feet of snow around the house... Another great idea foiled.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. I've got another indoor/outdoor thermometer with the sending unit in my pumphouse so I can know when it's close to freezing in there and I know to change the lightbulb because it burnt out. I use a 40 watt bulb to keep the pump from freezing.

    With three feet of snow all you would have to do is make sure it is banked up against the house to seal off the crawlspace and it should stay above freezing in there.


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