Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Value of the Truck Doubled

I installed a hoist on my old truck yesterday. Now it should be worth twice as much as it was before!!

 This is the hoist completely installed. Bought the hoist two years ago from Harbor Freight and finally got around to installing it on my old truck.

 This is the hoist in the full up position. It will be interesting to see how it works. Bought with the intention of using it for an engine swap on my Barracuda. Hopefully it'll work.
This shows the support beams I put in under the bed of the truck. The box isn't strong enough to just bolt the hoist to it even with the angles that came with it to stiffen it.  The beams are cut from a metal signpost. I bolted them to the frame of the truck and then bolted the hoist to the beams. Now instead of just twisting the sheetmetal of the truck box, it would have to twist the whole truck.

This shows the support beams in place under the truck bed and bolted to the frame. One of the reasons it took awhile to install the hoist was I needed to come up with something to support the hoist. A friend had some metal signposts and I got one and cut the pieces from it. Now it's done and one of these days I'll actually use it.

When I told my friend last night that I got the hoist installed, he asked if it was before or after the rain. I said, "Before, during and after"!!


  1. That should come in right handy at times and I definitely like your extra supports.

  2. Hey, just noticed the boat in the background, is that motor one of those electric shift models OMC put out for a while? If it is I have an extra control unit for it if you want it.

  3. No, it's not an electric shift. It's cable operated.

  4. That should make it easier for you to change your rear tires. Now you don't need a jack.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. I guess it can pull itself up by its bootstraps.

  6. I could double the value of my car by filling it with gas. I do like that hoist. You can steal/borrow heavy shit from your neighbours.

  7. Blog Fodder, didn't know you had a Yugo??


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