Sunday, April 21, 2013

Browser, Firefox

Last night and today I've been using Firefox browser for a change. Hadn't used Firefox for many months as I usually use Google Chrome browser. Yesterday when trying to watch a NASCAR race, the image was freezing up and at times not responding. I decided to try Firefox to see if that would stream better. It did seem to stream better and last night we used Firefox to watch some TV shows on Hulu and Netflix Also linked to Project Free TV to watch an episode of Game of Thrones. Everything seemed to work OK, but today I noticed something that I don't care for. It's all the fucking ads that pop-up or are embedded on most of the sites I go to. Just a few minutes ago I was leaving a comment on another blog and there were three or more ads in the pop-up for comments. One above and a couple below the comments section.

Also I've noticed that sites tend to take a long time to load, probably because of all the ads that are put there by Firefox. The little wheel spends a lot of time spinning and spinning.

I guess I'll stick with Google Chrome.

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  1. I've used Firefox for so long that I guess I'll just stick with it. And sometimes it's not the browser you are using at all, it's just a lot of traffic on the internut slowing things down.


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