Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome Home

This is a picture of the driveway after we got home yesterday, April 7, 2013. This is a typical homecoming for me, I am usually greeted by snow when I come home unless I do it in July or August. Ran into snow Saturday night in Northern Wisconsin and decided to spend the night in Ironwood, MI. Didn't want to drive in fresh snow at night and we would have arrived home at midnight. On Sunday the roads were bare all the way until we got to our driveway which was unplowed (they don't plow driveways on the weekends, only the main roads).

We had hoped that the snow would melt while we were on our trip to Colorado, SILLY US!!!!!! We were gone for a week and a half and instead of melting, we got more snow.


  1. You folks sure do seem to travel a lot, maybe you should dump the homestead and get that motor home.

    I figured out after a while that you must be gone cuz you never tell us you will not be posting for a while.

  2. Love the picture. Looks fantastic, so long as no shoveling is involved.

  3. It's beautiful, but damn I'd be sick of all the snow by now!

  4. No shoveling was involved to get home and into the house.

    And yeah, we're sick of the snow, but in another month most of it should be gone!!

  5. Saskatchewan and Alberta got another dump yesterday. it should all be gone by June


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