Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Translation Devices???

Today I got my hearing aids. On the way home from the VA,The Old Lady said that it would be interesting to see if while watching TV if I could now understand the Brits. I said they ain't translation devices!!

A while back we were watching Hamish Macbeth on DVD and she agreed that closed captioning was a good idea for that show!!


  1. Can you hear a mouse fart in Marquette? The ones I have from the VA pick up everything...


  2. Don't think I fucking want to hear more than I already do.

  3. What? You don't understand Mrs. Brown? Or watch Coronation Street?

  4. Blog Fodder,
    Don't watch Coronation Street.

    The clips I've seen of Mrs. Brown I can pretty much understand, but like I said in the post, some of the characters in Hamish Macbeth are hard to understand. Then again they're Scots. I knew a Scot in basic training and he needed a translator.(There was one guy that understood what he was saying and would tell others what he said.) I couldn't understand him until I had known him for a month and then not completely.

    Hopefully when they get cranked up all the way(now they are at 90%) I'll be able to hear a mouse pissing on cotton batting a mile away.

  5. Scots don't speak English that anyone can understand.


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