Saturday, January 25, 2014

Good News And Bad News For Women

The good news is that American Apparel and Cameron Diaz say you can  stop waxing all your pubic hair off.
The bad news: you need to start deodorizing under your boobs.

Saw on facebook this morning a link to an article about deodorant for under the boobs. There are actually deodorants for this purpose. Not to mention lots of pads and bras that are supposed to deal with this problem.
I suppose if you’re going to market a product like this, might as well embrace the humor right? So Fresh, So Dry makes this Fresh Breasts product which promises to keep your area fresh and dry, preventing perspiration. It’s all-natural, scent-free, aluminum-,talc- and paraben-free too. The lotion dries quickly, so it won’t leave behind a white clumpy mess like baby powder does. 

Got the images for the deodorants and the above quote from this site from 2½ years ago.

So the guys don't feel left out, there's a product for them too.

Don't know if this is a unisex product or aimed at men or women. It did say some women use it under their boobs to combat swoob. Urban Dictionary definition of Swoob. 

Another product for that pesky sweaty boob problem, Boobilious!!

Don't know if Boobalicious is available here, it's from the UK.


  1. Man/Womankind has gone completely insane. Something to powder your tits with...and something to rub on your balls to un-stink them? WTF? It's called A FUCKING SHOWER. Jeeus!


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