Monday, January 20, 2014

One Of My Pet Peeves

is when I communicate with someone and I get no response. This has happened with people I know and some I have no idea who they are. With the people I know I've e-mailed and/or called on the phone and left a voicemail with a question or two and to this day have yet to hear back from them. I have used various methods, e-mail, facebook messaging, and the phone and none of them seem to work to get a response. What is the irony of ironies is when I do see them personally or hear from them on another matter, they ask why they haven't heard from me?? WTF!!

With people I don't know, it is when I've replied to an ad on craigslist through craigslist when there is no other contact information. Three times in the last year I've replied to ads on craigslist for outboard motors asking for more info, and crickets, nada, zip, nil, nothing. How in the hell do they expect to sell what is in their ad if they don't respond to inquiries about their ad????????????

It's not like my questions are like the ones in the graphic below!!

UPDATE: did an ad on craigslist asking if the problem was craigslist or the people posting ads and in a couple days have had three replies to my ad asking what kind of outboard motor am I looking for. So the e-mail relay on craigslist must be working, at least in my case!! 

ADDENDUM TO THE UPDATE: One of the ads was reposted and this time said e-mail or text. I clicked on reply and there was a phone number so I sent a text saying "Was interested saw your ad last month sent several e-mails no response no longer interested." Got a reply saying the e-mails went in the spamm box and automatically deleted and if I was no longer interested why the text. I replied, "I wanted to let you know I tried to contact you no response pissed me off. Got another reply, but I'm done with this.


  1. My friends stay in contact with me pretty well through emails and I don't do craigslist so have had no experience with it.

    Go to your local boat stores and check on what used motors they have, they check them out before selling them. Bought my last two motors that way and they was good ones.

  2. yup...I agree...I will text my granddaughters and I know they're thinking oh, it's just gramdma, she can wait..going to bip them.

  3. I'm disappointed with that image. Many of those questions not only have answers but simple answers.

    For example, in #3 they're simply wrong: There's no extra penny and still you're the one making profit.
    In #8 we can probably blame the TV sellers/manufacturers/repairmen. It's rightly called the idiot box, in the early days many people were probably opening them up trying to find the actors..
    WRT #9, people should buy better toasters - the kind with the adjustment knob. Or maybe they should buy better quality bread.

  4. The line that annoys me the most with acquaintances is "We would have called but didn't know your number." My response is always did you check the phone book? We still have a land line and the number is listed.


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