Monday, January 6, 2014

How Religion And Santa Co-Exist

At times I've wondered how Santa and the baby Jeebus could co-exist during the holiday season (which one you may ask as there is probably a holiday every month and some months have several, it's the one that just passed). The fact that most people have no trouble accepting both the stories about Santa and the baby Jeebus at the same time at times has had me scratching my ass. Then the other day it brilliantly occurred to me, they are both pushing the same thing. Be good (or in other words conform to the standards as you are told) or else. Santa will reward you with lots of neat toys and other goodies when you are good and will punish you with coal in your stocking if you are bad. (That's the story you get told, but in reality it all comes down to the "Benjamins", the rich kid will get all kinds of nice toys regardless of how much of an asshole the kid really is and the poor kid will get squat or very little regardless of how good the kid is.) And religion is pushing the same bullshit, be good and you'll go to heaven, if you are bad you'll go to hell and suffer for eternity. I guess in a way one reinforces the other. 


  1. OK, so what did Santa Claus (aka, Saint Nick) do to earn the Sainthood?

    Another burning question...would beJesus have gotten presents from Nick for being such a good, the BEST of boys?

    I wonder about these things.

  2. K,
    Interesting take on Christmas. Dad believed in God but wouldn't buy into the heavenly reward thing. I think this after-life thing might have started with the Egyptians and the pyramids. Why the fear of dying anyway? Ain't none of us getting out alive and beating the reaper...


  3. jadedj, I think St. Nick evolved into Santa Claus. But if there isn't evolution, that wouldn't have happened. Oh well, it's a mystery.

    Sarge, the afterlife thing goes farther back than the Egyptians. I read where they've found stuff buried with Cro-Magnons. Like food, weapons and jewelry. They'd need to eat, fight and look good while doing it in the afterlife.

  4. Many of the business people in this country consider themselves to be christians and and they love the Santa bullshit, it makes them a lot of money. They'll support any stupid bullshit that makes them money.

    Right around the corner is the easter scam.


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