Sunday, March 16, 2014

Libertarians, WTF

The above graphic pretty much sums up my idea of what libertarianism should be. What I can't fucking understand is why the hell do those that claim to be libertarians think they have to be FuckingRepublicans???? The FuckingRepublicans don't give a fuck about people, only property. To me libertarianism is about individual freedoms, not just no regulations on business or not having to pay taxes or about being able to buy any weapon you desire with no restrictions.

The FuckingRepublicans claim to be all about small government and less regulations. That only applies to their attitude about business. When it comes to people, they want to shrink government to where it is small enough to fit in a vagina!! They are all about regulating how people live their lives all the while saying they want government off people's backs. They claim to be about state's rights until the people in a state pass a referendum that they don't like. Usually one that says that individuals should have the right to determine how to live their lives or how to end it.

Could it be that most of these self-claimed libertarians think they are temporarily embarrassed multi-millionaires even tho they don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of????? They all seem to think that "If only the jack-booted government would get their jack-boot off my neck I could make my fortune!!"

So, could anyone answer my question? It can't just be about low taxes (that only applies to the Uber-rich, not workers) and no restrictions on buying guns. Maybe they believe the NRA BULLSHIT about Obama and the Dems coming after their guns??????????????

And does anyone know of any female libertarians??


  1. I know a "hot" librarian? Does that count?


  2. I got a shock the other day. I found out that Nancy the librarian who I think is one of the smartest women I know is a republican..broke my heart..she just shrunk down in my esteem..and I feel bad about it..

  3. I feel that I am a libertarian but there is not a true libertarian that ever runs for office so I vote Democrat. Libertarianism should be about putting people before business interest - about the government focusing on domestic issues and staying out of foreign commitments - like wars: down sizing the military and spending on things that benefit the people.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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