Monday, March 17, 2014

Winter Ain't Over Yet

This video was taken by The Old Lady yesterday. It's me plowing with my old Jeep. I may have to take the plow off the Jeep and put it on another truck. The transmission is acting up on the Jeep, it doesn't want to back up. It slips in reverse and there is no adjustment on the reverse band or any band. I've already put more money into the truck than I paid for it and rebuilding the transmission would be more than I feel like doing. I have another 4 wheel drive truck ('73 Dodge) that doesn't have any problems with the drivetrain. The only thing that would be a problem during snowplowing is that the wiper motor died, but I probably could find one at a junkyard.

Once I take the plow off I can try sell the truck for parts. I think I have figured out how to put it in the ad; "For Sale '79 Jeep J20, strong engine, weak transmission, bullshit title." The title I got when I bought it said it was not good for registration, something about taxes not being paid.

Update: Tried editing the video and managed to shorten it and add the date.


  1. Chrome won't let me visit you cuz of some malware on your blog, according to it. But I just fired up Firefox and it let me right in.

  2. I ran a scan with my virus program while signed into my blog and got no threats. If the malware is in Google Blogger, don't know if there is anything I can do about it. I've gotten the same message at times when going to other blogs and when I go back later, nothing. It's a fucking mystery.

  3. Yup, a fucking mystery, was just able to visit with Chrome by clicking on an email link. Maybe it is a wigit on the blog page, I don't know.

  4. You need a pair of oxen - you can drag a plow with them in the winter and have their company all summer.

    Do you have ox pulls at the fairs up there? That is my favorite fair activity here in Maine.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. No ox pulls, but we do have some horsepulling at some fairs and other venues. The horsepulling is dying out as that is an expensive hobby.

  6. That tranny has a band but the adjustment is inside, and it is for 2nd gear (as I recall) so adjusting it won't help reverse.

    It says to not use it in an auto trans but I think if you put two cans of STP in it that you may get a couple more seasons out of it, over filling it a bit won't hurt it.

    Most likely the rear clutch seals are leaking some and thicker fluid will help.

  7. I checked with my neighbor who rebuilds transmissions all the time and he said there's no band adjustment. He's an expert on GM trannies and this one is a Turbo 400. It is a little over full and I've put stop leak in it because I had problems with it leaking some.

    Trying to put STP in thru the dipstick tube would be fun and with the low temps damn near impossible. Maybe in the summer it might be possible.

  8. Ah, I was thinking it had a turbo 350, the turbo 400 is a much tougher tranny, almost bullet proof but even they can go bad in time.

    There is no such thing as a tranny with a band with no band adjustment, but don't quote me on that, maybe the rear band on the 400 doesn't have one, I don't recall if there is or not, they are so tough that I never had to rebuild many 400's.

    As I recall, rear bands were getting hard to get cuz they just never fucking wore out.

    True, it is best to heat the STP up before poring it in, and have the motor running while doing it to keep the fluid running through it to mix it up.

    Back it up against something and keep it in reverse at an idle while you pour it in.

    When overdrive tranny's came out they they labeled the STP cans to not use it in auto tranny's, I don't know why, I still do with decent results.

    There is an old rule in the trade, slips when cold it's rubber (seals), slips when hot it's steel (disks or bands).

    Something made in the 80's is going to have hard and leaking rubber in it.

    Additives for internal leaks are iffy at best, some of them will ruin a tranny cuz they swell the seals up too much but if you want to try to soften them some just put two tablespoons of acetone in it.

    Hey, ask your friend if he ever heard of Gil Younger, back in the day he was a tranny wiz, I've installed a ton of his shift kits.


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