Monday, February 23, 2015

Haven't Found It Yet

Last Saturday we left home and headed South in search of Spring. We haven't found it yet.
This is how things looked when we were leaving. Lots of snow and cold. It was in the single digits, but at least it was above zero, not like a couple days before when it was below zero.

After driving 700 miles south, we still haven't gotten past the snow. And it was in the single digits here this morning also.
 After the first day the car was covered with salt. Every time we stopped for gas (which was often as The Guppy doesn't get good mileage) I worked on cleaning the window of the car. After three times I got it to the point where would be able to see out. Tomorrow I'll have to take it to a carwash and wash it.
The back of The Guppy got covered with salt also. Once we are at the campground and the weather warms up, I'll work on cleaning The Guppy.


  1. are you crazy? have you been watching the news? the south is under siege by old man winter..he's doing more damage then the yankees did..maybe south Texas and very south Fla. good look..

  2. It has been a pretty warm winter here all in all.

  3. So far our travels have been fine. Once we left the UP the roads were clear and dry all the way and we stopped before we got to the nasty weather going across the south.

    Tomorrow we head over to the campground. There is snow on the ground here, but the roads appear to be OK.


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