Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Paying It Forward

The ASSWHOLES on the never-right wing keep telling young people that Social Security won't be there for them when they retire. It certainly won't as long as they keep voting for FUCKINGREPUBLICAN'TS!! They've been trying to kill Social Security since day one.

Instead we should be telling young people they are paying it forward. They are paying into the SS fund while retirees are drawing money out. The retirees paid in all their working lives to fund older people's retirement and now are getting a return on the money they paid in while working. As long as we don't allow Social Security to be privatized, it will survive. If we allow Wall Street to get their hands on SS money we can kiss it goodbye!!

One of the true contradictions in this debate is on one hand the Reich-WingNuts complain they could get a better return on their money by investing it and on the other hand they complain that people on Social Security are getting back far more than they paid in!!!! (Which is it, are they getting fucked on their investment or are they getting too good of a return???) I'm sure you could find lucrative investments if you have millions to invest. But if you only have a few bucks to invest the interest you might accrue will be eaten up by the fees charged by whatever outfit handles your investment. I know this is a fact from the several 401ks and IRAs I've had where at the end of the year there was less money in the account than was paid in during the year. With savings account interest at less than 1%, you can't save much on your own. Compound interest won't help at all, my high school math tells me when you multiply fractions (less than 1) you get a smaller sum!!

Like I said we need to tell young people that they are paying it forward!!


  1. The recent collapse of the banks and stock markets should have shut the Right up about SS. But being predictable and loyal to their twisted party lines, they are somehow able to keep telling us that SS is a bad deal for America.

    The SS controversy is the perfect example of who the Right really sucks up to. And it isn't the people except at election time.

  2. if I still drank I'm afraid I'd be in the pen for beating the shit out of one or several of them.

  3. I paid into the SS system all my working life, will I get back more than I payed in? I don't have a clue but I'm glad it is there.

  4. BBC, it all depends on how long you live after you retire. Some will get back more than they paid in and others won't.

    SS is a good thing to have, it got rid of the county poor farms (I go past the "Poor Farm Rd" every time I go to town) and work houses. It didn't eliminate poverty in old people, but it means most can live on their own.


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