Friday, February 27, 2015

Still Haven't Found It

We arrived at the campground on Wednesday. As promised our site had been plowed.

It was a fairly nice day when we arrived, temp about 40°. Tried flushing out the water system, but couldn't get all the RV anti-freeze out. Didn't hook up the hose for water as the forecast was for cold and snow. Yesterday started off about 26° and fell during the day. This morning it was 6°.

Was glad I left the shovel in the trunk of the car. It lives in there during the winter. I needed it to shovel some of the snow out of the way to put the support stand under the RV.

There were already some campers here when we arrived. The fishing season doesn't start until Sunday, but some are here several days early. The one in the background in this picture is a pop-up, but there are a couple of tents also. I know some people are into Winter camping, but I wouldn't want to camp in a tent in this weather. Our motorhome has a gas furnace and we aren't exactly comfortable. Old as the Guppy is, though, we're lucky it isn't even draftier, and the more time we spend in it, the more things we're figuring out to make it livable. 

Today is sunny, so we opened some of the shades and curtains to let the sun shine in. Even tho it's only 15° the sun shining thru the window feels good. Now all we need is for things to warm up enough for us to be able to connect the water. 

On the bright side, the snow isn't ass deep like it was at home, it's only a few inches deep. A couple of warm days and it should be gone.


  1. A little snow: but a big difference from when you left home.
    Spring is coming this year - so I am told.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Montauk, MO. Tomorrow, Sunday, is the opening day of trout fishing and it's snowing this morning. The forecast is for it to warm up tomorrow. Yeah, I've heard that before!!

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  4. Back when I started blogging I was camping in a tent on my first blog, then a pickup camper, then a fifth wheel, now the little camper I made.

    Enjoy your time there, I'm under the impression that being campground hosts isn't all that hear.


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