Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Found It

It took some digging but I found the tow dolly last weekend. I had parked it behind "The Guppy" so I could find it easy without having to use a metal detector!! In a couple days I'll be hooking it up behind "The Guppy" and putting the car on it. We are about to head South in search of Spring. I have mixed feelings about this. If we weren't about to run out of firewood, I'd just as soon stay here. But we are down to the last of the firewood, so heading for a warmer climate might be a good idea., It snowed too much when we got back last Nov to cut any more firewood, so all we had was what I had cut and split before when went off to play campground hosts.

Besides next month I'll be able to do some stream fishing for trout, while those UP on the Tundra will still icefishing. I wonder if there will still be ice in the bay next June like there was last June??


  1. I guess you could buy some firewood, or firelogs.

  2. JackieSue, we will be going back to the park we were at last October. We'll be campground hosts again for the month of March. Then we might head farther south. Or West, or whatever and come back home the end of April or beginning of May and hopefully the snow will be gone or most of it.

  3. I like the winters... Summer my least favorite... Have a good trip and keep us informed.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. Winter doesn't bother me now that I don't have to going to work at 0 dark thirty.

    I just wish it was a little warmer, getting ready to leave when it is sub-zero is a pain.

  5. I am envious that you get to leave for a while. For me it's the stuff of dreams.


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