Friday, June 12, 2015

How Can Naked Boobs Offend A Mountain???

Recently heard on the radio about how naked tourists on a mountain in Malaysia were being blamed for the earthquake that hit the area. If I heard it right they said, "Your boobs offended the mountain." Or maybe it was just my dirty old man mind that heard it that way. In any case how in the fuck can boobs offend anyone or anything??????? I have yet to see a boob that was offensive and I've seen a bunch thanks to the internet and before that thanks to magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, etc....

One would think a mountain would be all about Au Naturel.


  1. I know my ole redneck ass has angered a lot of folks...and that's fully clothed.

  2. It was probably some naked old man with his balls hanging to his knees that caused the mountain to puke.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Ol'Buzzard, there were some guys that stripped completely and some women that were topless. They were all fairly young, 20s and/or 30s. They posted the pictures on social media.

  4. My Facebook news feed has been full of nothing else lately. The self righteous of the world have jumped all over these kids and have been lecturing, haranguing and pontificating ever since. Sacred mountain my ass. The problem was the country couldn't organize a piss-up at a brewery and needed something to change the subject.

    So much fuss over nothing. One commenter said "Well, what if she had bared her tits in St Paul's Cathedral?" So what if she had? Write 'em all a ticket for public indecency and tell them to carry on.

    But of course, Pat Robertson says Katrina was caused by homosexuals and some idiot in California says the drought was caused by abortions. We are headed back to the Dark Ages? Funny how God hate the same things I do. I say, that Katrina and drought are punishment for how America treats women, blacks, immigrants and gays. It's in the book.


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