Saturday, June 20, 2015


From Fortune magazine; June 15, 2015
Colt Defense LLC, maker of firearms from the legendary Peacemaker pistol to the M4 rifle used by today’s U.S. Army, said late Sunday it’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, two years after losing a key Army contract for the M4.

NRA FAIL!! They had one primary purpose for the last several decades and the NRA failed. That job was to scare the shit out of people enough that they would rush out and buy more guns to keep the gun manufacturers in profitability!! While they have managed to create shortages of ammo, looks like maybe the market for guns has been saturated. Most of those that want to buy guns have bought guns.

For many years now various state DNRs and groups that are devoted to hunting have been saying the number of hunters is declining. Younger people are not as interested in hunting as their parents and grandparents were.  Even before the stories about less hunters began circulating, the gun manufacturers must have seen the handwriting on the wall. That's when they started giving the NRA boatloads of money and the NRA started the scare campaign about the "ebil gubmint" is coming for your guns. The BULLSHIT about how Obama is coming for your guns is just the latest installment!!

Tempted to say, "You had one fucking job and you failed". But I won't. 


  1. I once had a military 45 made by Singer (the sewing machine company) and in Vietnam many AR-15s were made by Mattel toy company. Made by Mattel it's swell. I wonder how many non-firearm companies still make military weapons?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. There will always be plenty of guns for those that want them, one company may fail but will be replaced by another.

  3. Colt goes under; Winchester stops making lever action rifles. What is the world coming to? Soon Cowboy wannabees will be out of luck.


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