Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why I Don't Throw Things Away

Yesterday after doing the dishes as I was cleaning the sink I noticed the drain was loose. No problem, I'll just loosen it up and put some plumbers putty under it and tighten it up again. WRONG. Discovered the big nut underneath wouldn't tighten up. For some reason the nut had expanded and would no longer engage the threads. Then I remembered I had a loose sink with drains still in it. Went and took one out of the sink and when I went to remove the drain pipe from the drain the nut fell apart. It was metal and had corroded to the point where when I turned it it fell apart. So I went looking for more plumbing parts. I found a nut for the drain pipe and also some gaskets. Then I was able to put the sink back together. Now it should drain better because the pipe was almost plugged and I cleaned it out.

The point of this post is that I saved myself a trip or two to town to get the parts to fix the sink. If I had gone to get a new drain basket and then discovered the nut after getting back, I would then have had to make another trip to town. It's not the price of the parts as they are relatively cheap, it's the time and hassle of driving the 10 miles to town and 10 miles back.

I have a lot of stuff I'll probably never use, but I figure it's better to hang on to stuff than to throw it away and later have to go to the store and buy another one!!

This is like the one I put in the sink.


  1. I threw away so much crap when I moved into the apts because I always could find a use for it in the old house..now? not so much..but I still keep screws, nuts bolts, and assorted stuff like that.

  2. When I was a kid, the guy next door had about a half dozen partial mowers in his shed. If something went on on his good one, he'd just Frankenstein another piece from another one.

    It made sense.

  3. A man after my own heart. I even have a spare toilet I picked up back in the 1980s somewhere in my piles of stuff.

  4. I had lots of stuff up north but not much here.

  5. Women don't understand why men save things. I often buy two of something that I feel I might need again. My stash of nails, screws, washers, parts... has many times saved me then something breaks down on Sunday, holiday or at night when the stores are closed.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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