Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For awhile I've called myself a "Born-Again Agnostist", but now I'm wondering if I might also be an "Apatheist"??
Here is part of the definition from Wikipedia.
"Apathetic agnosticism (also called Pragmatic agnosticism)—the view that there is no proof of either the existence or nonexistence of God or gods, but since any God or gods that may exist appear unconcerned for the universe or the welfare of its inhabitants, the question is largely academic anyway."

"The eighteenth century French philosopher Denis Diderot, when accused of being an atheist, replied that he simply did not care whether God existed or not. In response to Voltaire, he wrote:

It is very important not to mistake
hemlock for parsley; but not at all so to believe or not in God.

Jonathan Rauch described apatheism as "a disinclination to care all that much about one's own religion and even a stronger disinclination to care about other people's"."

I googled "Apatheists" and came up with a ton of hits. Until today I had never even seen the word before, so who knew, it might even be a movement. It started off when I was looking at an article about how less people say they are religious.


  1. never heard of that word either, but i do like it..
    my 'veddy veddy' christian cousin asked me if i was born again..i said no i did it right the first time..
    i have a bumper sticker (several actually) on my truck that says born again pagan and the other says my goddess gave birth to your far no one has shot at me or tried to scratch them off my truck..
    i also have a black ribbon(like the yellow ones only black) that says..
    'enough with the ribbons'..

  2. I've always had a hell of a time figuring out "what I am", on medical forms. Under religion, I always have to check "Other", but I can never say what other is.

    I'm gonna have to start my own branch, I guess!:)

  3. Kinda' like that cancelled, final one in a waaaaay too long string of bad movies I still know what you did last summer, and I don't give a $#!+."


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