Sunday, May 10, 2009

Looking At New Cars

For several months now The Old Lady and I have been kicking the idea of getting another vehicle around. At one time we thought about trading in the truck for another truck, one with a diesel engine. That was back when we were buying a travel trailer for bumming around when we retire. That deal fell thru so then we thought about just getting some econo-box car and keeping the truck we have as it is handy to have a truck to haul stuff. (In a couple weeks I will be heading UP on the tundra and will be working on The Kid's cabin, so will need the truck to haul materials for the cabin.)

Anywho, recently we had been checking out cars on-line. We liked the idea of getting a Ford Focus as it gets decent gas mileage and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy. (And GM cars just don't seem to fit right.) The Old Lady did an internet search on them and filled in a page to get a price on one. Within the hour the phone was ringing with a call from a local dealer asking if we want to come look at some cars. She set up an appointment for Friday afternoon, saying we'll just go look, we don't have to buy, we'll shop around.

Well, we'll be looking at this car for a long time. The payments will be for 72 months (Six Years!!) which at our stage in life can be a helluva long time!! Hell, I try not to buy green bananas!!They had several Foci on the lot and we took one for a test drive. After the test drive the salesperson asked how we liked it. The Old Lady said she liked it, but wouldn't want that particular car as it was red and would consider any other car as long as it wasn't red. (I concur.) Long story short, this is what we came home with, never having driven or even sat in it before making the deal.

One bright note, now I can finally listen to Oldies music (The Old Lady likes Classic Rock and I like Classic Country in addition to Oldies, modern country sucks because they sound like they are whining all the time usually about god) because the car has Sirius satellite radio which is free for 6 months to sucker you into paying for it every month. The on-air radio here in Hot-Lanta sucks big time!!


  1. i heart my little white mazda truck..which is like a ford ranger...i dont go any where..and my anywhere ..can be done for 3 months on a tank of gas...swear!...i love my radio station in my mazda ipod..i get kgbo and it's oldies and goodies..on saturdays i listen to my friends radio station on my computer...he plays the most fantastic music ever..i'll find it for you and send it to's great ..wish it was on every day.

  2. That's a nice ride! And good gas mileage! Excellent.

    independent radio station from virginia..js

  4. "The payments will be for 72 months (Six Years!!)"At our age, that's the only way to buy anything!:)

  5. I was a master mechanic in Ford dealerships for years but that was before the Ford Focus so I know little about them.

    Actually, I know nothing about them because I don't keep up with all that anymore.

    Even when I worked in dealerships and could get a rig at cost I never did buy a new one. But I got very good buys on good used ones.

    I suppose it has been thirty years since I made car payments. When I buy a car it is free and clear when I drive it away.

    Buying a new truck wouldn't help the environment any when you factor in how much damage is done to the planet to make a new truck.

    You are doing less damage to it by keeping your old truck even though it may not be as clean burning as a newer one. It will never offset the damage to the planet for the making of a new one.

  6. At our age, that's the only way to buy anything!:)..

    If you don't mind that payment every month so you can get something nice and pretty and is just something used in six months, but I do.

  7. Ted,
    "Didn't U say U wanted a red ride?"
    Hell no!! I hate red! I have never liked red, even before the FuckingRepublicans stole the color from the Commies as their party color!! My preference on a color would have been blue or possibly some shade of green or lately I've seen some nice copper cars. According to the sticker the color is "White Suede" and hopefully it won't show the dirt right away.

    BBC, the Focus replaced the Escort and is basically an updated Escort. We had a '94 Escort that we bought used with 100k on it and ran it for about 7 years and put 160k on it before it died. It would probably still be running if the fan switch hadn't died and it overheated in city traffic on a 108degree day. We wouldn't have bought a new truck, the fucking yuppies have run the price up so high that those that need a truck can't afford to buy them. The reason car companies like to sell trucks is because the profit on them is huge!!!


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