Friday, May 15, 2009


People used to joke about econo-box cars being powered by gerbils in little wheels and the upgrade was to hamsters. What does it say when they show hamsters driving the car??

Personally I wouldn't want a car that is so small the hamsters fill the car!!


  1. Those are really large dogs, shaved to look like hamsters. That car's bigger than you think. Now if only I could train Cyrus to drive, I'd teach him to run my errands. Then I'd never have to leave home.

  2. Hey...their little feet get tired too. A nice air conditioned ride might be ncie for a change.

  3. Lisa and I saw one of these on a Kia lot as we drove by this evening. Then I saw the commercial on TV tonight. But that KIA we owned was garbage. Really crappy.

  4. Well it is just a commercial so you can size everything to where you like it.

    I wouldn't mind a really small car for getting around in town, but it wouldn't do for my camping trips.

  5. Aside from KIA being shorthand for Killed In Action....

    I know four KIA owners; their cars are all less than three years old, and they have nothing but sob stories to tell one after another.

  6. I don't want a car that would smash like a can of dr pepper if it got hit by another car.

  7. I know nothing about KIA, but one has to be safer than my bike. I don't expect great things in a town commuter, all it has to do is run and be able to do up to 40 MPH.

    Oh, and keep me warm in the winter being as I've become a pussy about being cold.

    Hell, I could put a cheap Briggs and Stratton engine in one of them and get that.


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