Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Virgin Mary Appears Again

The grill is on permanent display in a storeroom that is filling up with rosaries.

To me it kinda looks like the salt stain a couple of years ago on a Chicago viaduct.

Found this at KTLA.com.

Again, I am not able to figure out how to delete the commercial.


  1. Guess that whole Golden Calf episode and the 'no other gods before me' thing was just a light suggestion.

    People are nuts. Religious people moreso.

  2. I'll confess I didn't watch the video, but (and maybe I just have a strange mind) the first thing I thought when I saw the image was "that looks like a used rubber."

  3. I dunno about the virgin whatsher but, I immediately thought, Barbara Bush! Yep. Barbara Bush. Or a glob of lard...

  4. i'll tell you what i told allan over at camels back and forth...your missing the big picture here..remember the stupid quesnos commercials with the little screatching sandwitches or what ever the fuck they were?...well, if you look to the left of the 'virgin' you will see a exact replica of one on his knees praying to her..i shit you not.

  5. OMG I see, I see. I love it when you can have your virgin and a little snack too.

  6. Another booger run amok!!!

  7. I don't follow that crap. Virgin Mary my ass.

  8. Back in the dayz....

    Me & a terrible trio of Yoopers used to load up one of our trucks, and embark upon one of our (in)famous fishing trips. These weren't no "stay overnight and run home for breakfast" deals either. When we went fishin', we plumb went fishin'!! We'd lug along a few jugs of southern comfort, a couple Jack Daniels, five or six cases of beer, a pack or two of left handed Marlboro's....they always turned out to be damn righteous fishing trips!!

    We saw some unbelievable shit, too. Like the fish that grew two legs, walked right out of the river, and chased poor ole Fred around, damn near to death, till he had to climb on the roof of the truck to get away (true story), the campfire that attached itself to one guys clothes, and couldn't be put out no how, so he stripped naked and threw his clothes in the river (nother true one)..then there was the big ass oak tree that chased a guy all night, and finally caught him, damn near chocking him to death....(scared me half to death - it was a big damn tree!!!)

    But we never broadcast those sightings. We figgered it was better not to scare the hell out of everybody. We just kinda looked at each other and shrugged. Shit happens.
    At least we had a bonefide excuse! These freaks don't even have that.

    I still miss those three mental cases so bad it hurts...(:

  9. TFWY, interesting story, but do you have pictures to back up your story??
    Shit happens, well, that about sums up my view of life. Sometimes it's good shit, sometimes it's bad shit and then there's really wierd shit!!

  10. "do you have pictures to back up your story??"You don't want to see pictures! You'll just have to trust me on that.:)


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