Friday, May 1, 2009

So, That's What The Kids Call It These Days

I didn't know mowing the lawn had so much meaning to it!! The Ladies are certainly having fun doing the lawn maintenance!!


  1. I've never seen many women mowing lawns, they con men into doing it.

    I'm pretty sure that hundreds of years ago that women decided that the yard didn't look good unless the grass was short.

    Then they got tired of sheep and cows mowing it because they shit on it. If they had slaves they mowed it.

    But in these more modern days without slaves, unless you can afford to hire one, it's the mate that gets stuck with the mowing.

    That is how lawnmowers got invented, so the mate could get the grass cut fast and get onto more interesting things like drinking beer and fishing and such.

    Then he invented riding mowers with wide cutting paths so he could drink beer while mowing and get done even faster in order to get to the pool hall on time.

    That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

    If I ever get hooked up with a mate again that wants her grass mowed she can just damn well mow it unless I'm getting something out of it also.

    Mow lawn, nooky, mow lawn, nooky, mow lawn, nooky. Hell, I have a riding mower, I'll mow it every frigging day and still have some time for pool after the nooky.

  2. I guess I have been out of the loop...I didn't know that was what they are calling it now, either!!

  3. Kulkuri, I passed on a little award to you. Stop by and pick it up if you feel inclined.

  4. Gotta have that pink walk behind, & one of those pink leaf blowers!:)

    LOVE that gal trimming the Bush in a flower pot! LMAO!!!:)


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