Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wiimote-Controlled Robot Drum Circle Makes Human Hippies Obsolete
This caught my eye on the Popular Science website. Now you got some geek throwing Hippies out of work, like they had too much work as it is.

Meat the iPhone Sausage Stylus
Another good one. In South Korea they are using sausages on the touch screens of their iPhones so they can keep their fingers covered in the cold.


  1. soon we'll be like the humans on wall-e...

  2. Can this planet get anymore weird? Why don't they just punch the keys on their iphones (whatever in the hell an iphone is) with the eraser end of a pencil?

    I'm pretty sure they still make pencils.

  3. BBC, I guess the iPhone needs something that will conduct electricity like the moisture on the finger. I operated an excavator that had rings on the hand controls and needed the skin to conduct between the rings for the machine to work properly. If your hands were too dry or you were wearing gloves it would only run at an idle.

  4. I was talking to a man with a iPhone today, it's pretty fancy, it had a little stylus that stored in it to punch the keys with.


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