Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wild Beagles Terrorize Lon gIsland!!

I was hoping to post the video, but all I can get is the link.

It appears that there are wild beagles on Lon gIsland and they are terrorizing the residents in some areas. One woman said she first thought it was wolves coming after her. (WTF????)
The media is blaming hunters for abandoning beagles that don't perform well hunting. Having seen and heard beagles in action, I can't see why anyone would keep one in the first place.


  1. How does someone manage to confuse Snoopy with wolves?

  2. I dare say that a beagle would make more servings than a groundhog, or a rabbit for that matter. Instead of abandoning their dogs maybe they should just eat them.

  3. Not much meat on a beagle, and what there is probably tough because they love to run.

  4. Not Snoopy!

    The word verification is collie.
    No lie.
    Even goggle is making fun of beagles.


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