Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pasties(Ryhmes With Hasty) Confiscated

From an article in the News Tribune in Tacoma, WA.

Pierce County prosecutors on Tuesday filed a misdemeanor charge of unlawful public exposure against a bikini barista spotted last year serving coffee while wearing only pasties on her breasts.
It’s the first time Pierce County prosecutors have leveled such a charge since some area espresso stand owners began requiring their baristas to show skin in addition to making drinks.

A woman driving by the stand at 7919 176th St. E. on Oct. 7 called sheriff’s deputies after she spotted Lenn outside the stand. She was wearing a thong bikini bottom and no top, according to court records.
A deputy dispatched to investigate the call found Lenn inside the stand making drinks, according to an arrest report. Lenn was topless but had X-shaped pasties covering her nipples, the report states.

The deputy confiscated the pasties and booked them into the South Hill precinct property room as evidence, his report states.

If they were forcing her to wear something different for safety reasons, that would be one thing, but to force someone's idea of morality on her is wrong.


  1. Seems odd they booked the pasties into evidence.

    Personally, I have favored pasties with tassles. But then I'm old school about that kind of stuff.

  2. Where's the recipe for THOSE pasties?

  3. I was thinking about tassels too - except that I thought tassels might swish into the coffee or something. Could be dangerous.

    Seems like just last year some Bikini Baristas were in trouble for soliciting. A little slap and tickle for an extra 20 bucks, if I remember correctly, but seems like it was in Oregon not Washington.

  4. Safety reasons, ha ha ha ha.

  5. What recipes, we don't need no stinking recipes!!!

  6. sigh(* people are so stupid sometimes.


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