Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Dat Dat Say Who Dat When I Say Who Dat??

The above has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. It's the punch line from an old, old joke.


  1. is that the one where the old black gentlemen are riding on a train?
    if it is ..that's one of those jokes i overheard while hiding out side the kitchen when my mom and aunts would get together on holidays and tell jokes..some not as clean as that one.

  2. The way I remember it, two guys meet in the dark and one goes "Who Dat?" The other guy goes "Who Dat" and the first guy goes "Who Dat Dat say Who Dat when I say Who Dat??"

  3. that's the one..but when my mother told it..it was 2 porters on a train and they went thru the tunnel..this is early 50's..when i heard the joke, but sure it was from the 40's..


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