Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keweenaw Bay Ice

This picture was taken the middle of Feb. I had been looking forward to going ice fishing next winter, but looking at this picture, I'm beginning to wonder if I should bother getting (or making) a tent and stuff for ice fishing.

The problem is it hasn't been cold enough to form a lot of ice. For that you need sub-zero weather and most of the time the lows have only been in the teens.

Altho with milder winters the heating bills will be less and will use less firewood.


  1. I'm with jerry seinfield..how bad is your marriage if you'd rather go ice fishing than stay home with the wife.

  2. YDG, and your point is??? Everyone needs a break from the other.

  3. What would Seinfeld know about ice fishing? Those cold water fish taste best, too.


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