Tuesday, March 9, 2010

File Under DumbAss Puritans

A family in New Jersey make a copy of the statue Venus de Milo out of snow in their front yard after a snowfall. Someone complained anonymously(naturally, they don't have the nerve to complain face to face) and the cops told them to cover it up or knock it down, so they put on a bikini top and a wrap. (What the Fuck is this country coming to that allows police to abuse the public trust like this????) Personally I would have told the cops it was none of their business and go chase some crooks instead of harassing a homeowner over a snow woman. This is something that should have gone no farther than to be an amusing story to be laughed at by everyone at the cop shop, as in, "Do you know what some idiot called 911 and asked us to do??? They wanted us to go and harass someone over a snow woman in their yard!!

Spent half the morning trying to put up the video of this with no luck. Damn Puritans have infiltrated the intratubes. Several times when I tried to embed the video, my connection to the internet died and I had to sign in all over again, Sucks The Big One!! Here is a link to the video.


  1. people are so stupid

    years and years ago when i lived in oregon we had a big snow and my 2 sons who were 2-3 and i built a snow man and woman..and we made her boobs huge and put on one of my bras..one of the neighbors came over and kicked her boobs off..dave and tom were so upset..

  2. Damn christians...

    Jesus isn't coming, he's stoned in a whorehouse in Nevada.

  3. We should all be protected from that which we lust. Nekkid snow wimmin in yards is not one of them.


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