Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes You Wonder

There are times when someone will say something or post a comment somewhere or send you an e-mail and you wonder How In The Fuck Can I Be Related To That Person????? The latest one happened after HCR passed in Congress and someone posted some Tea Bagger bullshit.
I can't understand why anyone would want to stick with the status quo. Do they really want to stay with denying people coverage because they got sick or were born with a condition?? How about kicking people off their insurance when they need it most because they got sick??? Keep the drug donut hole for seniors so they have to decide what bills to pay or take their drugs???? Kick the kids off the parents plan when they turn 18????
Do they really think that by allowing the insurance companies free rein that then they will out of the goodness of their hearts keep premiums low???? How Fucking Stupid are they???? Just like death and taxes, another constant is that the premiums will rise. Left unchecked the insurance companies will gouge the hell out of us. While I don't think this is a good health care bill, it is a start to control the insurance companies and the costs.
For all those that claim we should let the private market take care of health care, they have been running it since FOREVER and haven't fixed it yet. Insurance companies are the Fucking Problem, so how are they going to fix it?????


  1. Not to state the obvious, but you can't argue, nor reason with, such bull-crockery thinking...and I do use the term thinking in the broadest sense of the word. Seriously, fuck 'em!

  2. my republican relatives are all pissed at me over my click your heels together and go fuck your self cartoon...tough shit..least im not calling people nigger faggot or baby killer and threatning to kill anyone...

  3. America, a drinking country with a politics problem.

  4. BBC's right, except they're not drinking the right stuff. They're quaffing Kool-Aid instead of booze.


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