Monday, March 1, 2010

Management Fees

Why is it that this commercial reminds me of the company sponsored IRAs and 401Ks that I had?? When I did work for a company that offered an IRA or 401K plan, the management fees by the broker (that word alone should explain it, they make you broker) would be more than the interest that my and my employer's contribution earned. Because I didn't work that long at these jobs (migrant aircraft mechanic) my funds (had an IRA and a 401K at different times) never built up to the point where the earnings were more than the management fees. Also I would keep track of how my fund was doing by looking at how the fund was doing by checking that mutual fund listings in paper in the business section. Even when the report from Wall Street said my fund was going up, when I got my earnings statement, more often than not, it was negative. The newspaper said it was going up while my statement said it was going down and on top of that I had to pay for them to lose money for me. Fuck, I could have done that by myself!!


  1. Don't get me fucking started. My first retirement account went through the same gyrations. When I complained, all my employer said was "Tough luck bud. Maybe you should ante up more of your paycheck for us to match." I cut my "donation" to the minimum and soon after I left the company. Sometimes I wish I could be sleazy.


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