Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Bumper Sticker For The Party Of No

Your morning jolt: DNC chair says ‘Bring back pre-existing conditions’ will make a ‘helluva bumper-sticker’
Or how about "Bring Back The Donut Hole For Seniors"????

This quote is from Political Insider in the AJC.

As Sanford Bishop considered how he would vote on the historic health care legislation Sunday night, the nine-term Democratic congressman turned to his faith.
“I asked myself, ‘What would Jesus do?’” Bishop said Monday afternoon. “I had to come to the conclusion we had the opportunity to get more than 32 million people health insurance. I don’t think he would leave them to fend for themselves.”
That is not the immediate reaction of Mike Keown. a South Georgia Republican and pastor who hopes to take Bishop’s job in November.
“My response when the vote came down was, ‘It’s on now,’” said Keown, pastor of Coolidge (Ga.) Memorial Baptist Church.
Keown, a South Georgia Republican state representative, plans to challenge Bishop for the Second Congressional district seat.

It must be the political party that changes the attitude of the person. The Democrat is for the average Joe while the member of the Republic Party is for the corporations and against the people. Now supposedly they both believe in the same Jesus and yet are 180 degrees out in their thinking. Now, where in the Republic version of the Holy Bible does it say, Reward the Rich and Punish the Poor?????

Just one of the many reasons I have no use for religions.

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