Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lutheran Airlines

A friend mentioned in an e-mail the Lutheran Airlines video on YouTube, but didn't do a link. I went to YouTube and did a search. There were several versions of it and of the ones I looked at, this is the one I liked best.

I wonder if it makes a stop in Lake Wobegone??


  1. As someone who grew up in Minnesota, this made me laugh! His voice sounds like every farmer I ever talked to who came into town on Friday night and maybe I'm old but I miss the potlucks!gedavi

  2. the voice makes me think of tim conway..

  3. I wish that they wouldn't put music on those fucking videos, I can't catch half of what is being said.

  4. Recently while visiting other blogs I’ve noticed more comments in Chinese or Japanese. Stuff occurs to me, just jumps into my head when I’m pondering on other things. Those comments when translated often don’t make much sense, and as often as not, are not related to the post at all.

    That got me to thinking, are these comments left there because they are some kind of code for terrorists to go read? I don’t know, just had the thought is all. Not that it makes much difference I guess if you see the big picture as I do.

    We fuss about local problems but they are no different than the problems in any location in the country, while the bigger picture (world wide) shows things going to hell faster and faster because we’ve over populated the planet, and adding our destructive ways and environmental disasters to the ones nature has always provided us with is likely more than she can cope with.

    Result : Mankind is stupid and created his own end times, we’re screwed.

    Conclusion : Not much point in trying to figure out how to make the youth smarter in education programs, it’s likely that in twenty years the best skill they will have is knowing how to hunt as they try to survive. Survival of the fittest is how it will go, it’s always been that way.

    I hope that if pockets of humanity survives they are a lot wiser than we are now, we’re smart enough education wise, but wise we are not.


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